Gone to Dust (Gravediggers #2)

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.

This is book two in the Gravedigger series and is a must read.

Miller is on deadline for the current romance novel she is writing ,when UPS dares to interrupt her to deliver a package. Her world tilts upside down when she discovers what is inside. Miller grabs the contents and heads to her best friend Tess for help. While there she runs into the one man she is trying to forget, Elias.

After a foiled kidnapping attempt, Tess lets Miller in on the secret of the Gravediggers. Tess takes the news in stride. Much to Elias chagrin she is filing all the sights and information away to use later in one of her books.

Elias doesn’t want to take Miller with him to try and find her brother and possibly lost treasure. Miller isn’t letting him leave without her. I really enjoyed the way she uses movie references and her sense of adventure.

This book has it all, sexy men, strong women, intrigue, witty dialogue , suspense.

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