Rogue Lies (Web of Lies #2)Rogue Lies by Kathleen Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Web Of Lies series and it’s great !

Things are really coming to light in this installment. It’s filled with action, intrigue, suspense, murder and a bit of romance.

The group in really coming together as a team and they are connecting more and more of the dots and exposing lie after lie.

Who can they trust, what is the truth, what is the end game, I can’t wait to find out. Anxiously waiting for the next book, Shattered Lies.



The web has begun to untangle. Elizabeth James has been working in the shadows to take down the group that has quietly snatched power in nearly every part of society. But now, Elizabeth is no longer alone.

Tate Carlisle was a respected television journalist until an investigation of the wrong person cut her career short. She may be off the air, but she’s not off the job. President Birch Stratton has tapped her as the newest member of Elizabeth’s growing shadow team. And now it’s Tate’s turn to pull some strings. Her latest lead has Tate back in the media game where the truth is rarely what’s reported.

Tate finds herself deep in the secret world of journalism with payoffs, affairs, and buried stories. Split-second decisions are now a matter of life and death . . . but will the next lead story be about her death or those she cares about?

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